Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Two-Wheel Tuesday: 7

This week I'm taking this post in a slightly different direction.

With how much time I spend on my bicycle nowadays, my old backpacks just weren't cutting it. I reached out to Mike over at Forest City Portage a few weeks back to discuss some details on having him make me something custom. 

I wanted a bag that I could use no matter what, regardless of what the situation called for. It had to be able to handle my camera equipment in a safe manner. It had to be something I could carry while on my bicycle, whether on my back, or while attached to my cargo rack. It had to be something I could climb, explore, and stay stealthy with. And of course it had to be able to handle all of the outdoor elements that Cleveland could throw at it.

The result? Check out this brilliant piece of hand-made artistry:

(Forest City Portage specializes in locally-made, hand-constructed bags of all shapes and sizes, to suit your individual needs. To find out more, check out www.forestcityportage.com, or find Mike on his Instagram at: @fcportage.)

 As time goes on, I will be doing a full, detailed write-up showcasing the many different features that Mike incorporated into this bag for me.

It's been a bit cold this week in Cleveland, but I can't wait to use this thing to it's full potential. Expect to see plenty more of it!

- Jason Unoriginal

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