Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Two-Wheel Tuesday: 5


This week has been insane. We started with dry, sunny, 25-mile rides, covering much of the city, and ended up with a twenty-four-hour-long blizzard that dumped a foot of snow and brought the return of single-digit temperatures. Regardless, I nearly doubled my entire month's mileage this week alone.

The majority of the riding began Friday evening for Cleveland's Critical Mass, followed by a decent journey to Lakewood for a monthly dance party at a Soul Music venue.

I purposely left my camera at home for the night, but snagged this image once I returned home:

The shape of my nose, mouth, and chin frozen into my bandana.

The following day I met up with Megan, who was back in Cleveland on a short visit from San Fransisco, and our friend Brandon.

We busted out one of my summertime bikes for Megan to use, and pretty much did the entire grand tour of Cleveland, ending up (ten hours later) at this wall in Tremont.

Pizza was had. 

Two large pizzas are no issue for Origin8's front messenger rack.
Then it started snowing, and snowed all day Sunday.

Sunday evening:

On Monday, I met up with my good friends Aurora and Patrick for tacos and a very brief, bitter ride.

Yes, that says 5°, and yes that is Fahrenheit. 

- Jason Unoriginal

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