Sunday, February 8, 2015

The White Dove Mattress Company

From once being home to a still-thriving mattress company, to more recently being shelter for an illegal dumping scheme, this building has seen it all.

In structures such as this, each floor typically offers similar findings that quickly turn redundant to the camera. This building was not as such, with each floor offering different layouts and a multitude of different textures.

Looking down into the water main from a chute on the 2nd floor.

Although most of the building remained intact, it was evident that scrappers had once given this building a go.

Continuing upstairs, we were surprised with a few, bold colors...

...and this surprising, much-more-familiar, yet unexplained signage. (The Ferry Cap & Set Screw Co. is another local business with it's own, old, abandoned warehouse, with no known history of ever residing at this address.) Note the thickness of this metal door frame.

The higher we got, the more wooden-whales we discovered. "Whales," as we call them, occur for a combination of reasons and display themselves in the form of large, bowing fault lines or rifts. I recently touched on this subject in my post about The National Acme Company. Moisture, drastic temperature change, and the shifting of a building will end up applying more pressure to the floorboards than they can handle until the wood finally gives in.

Last stop: The roof.

Make sure to check out Jake's post here, which includes an incredible audio sample of what the inside of this building sounded like.

Thanks, as always, and happy exploring. xx

- Jason Unoriginal


  1. Great post. I've always been interested in old architecture (usually getting in trouble as a kid for snooping around the older buildings and basements) but have refrained from exploring recently. I'm afraid I'll find someone living there or take a wrong step and break my little self. Hahaha

    1. Haha! Funny, I've been strangely the opposite. I was quite the scaredy-cat growing up, and now do the exploring in my adult life. As long as you're careful and approach everything with a clear mindset, you won't break yourself though, no worries. =] As far as running into people goes, I've had very few encounters. And the ones I have had were nothing bothersome. Mainly just individuals whom have staked somewhere out as a temporary residence and simply don't want to be bothered.

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