Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Another Night Found

Another night lost. Another night found.
Another simple view, from high above the ground.

No villains here, no superheros to save.
Just one little roof, another book in the page.

Into the entrance, a lack of curious eyes.
No one seems to notice, no one asking us "why?"

Up through the stairwell, through the window with ease.
Simpler than traveling anywhere. I don't even need keys.

It's not a difficult journey, only a few flights of stairs.
But with photos now as trophies, the whole world seems to care. 

 What we do isn't hard, we never claimed that it was.
The friends that I have, have always done it just because.

 Often out of boredom, we all seek that adventure.
It's the way we all bond; how we spend time together.

 Personally a decade strong, exploring is nothing new.
 But this trend called "roof topping," we hope it all ends soon.

We're tired of the media. We're tired of the press.
We're tired of people thinking that "Instagram means success."

 You're ruining the sport quickly. You're ruining the fun of the hobby.
Don't tell people you "climb," when you take stairs from the hotel lobby.

Do it for yourselves. Do it with your friends.
But make sure those who join you, will be there in the end.

- Jason Unoriginal

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Feel The Heat

Of all of the bridges I've ever scaled, this one has to go down as being the most unique. But it isn't the bridge itself that makes it such an uncommon experience, because, well, it's just another lift bridge over the Cuyahoga. What makes this bridge so different is the landscape below it.

Without technically naming this structure's location, most Clevelanders will immediately be able to announce what region of the city we are looking at.

The industry that occurs beneath, both day-in and day-out, is mesmerizing to me. It is a 24-hour process with some of the most heavy-duty bells and whistles that I've ever witnessed. 
It feels somewhat like a life-sized version of the game Mouse Trap.

While bridges typically seem intricate in their own ways, this mass seems to echo simplistic thoughts into the night's sky, when compared to it's surroundings. Symmetrical vibes among such chaos.

...but it doesn't stop there.

While perched high above, we were able to witness one of the most spellbinding operations, that often goes unseen.

The orange, fiery glow. The churning locomotive. The intense heat spiraling upwards.
The sensations come alive as freight cars, containing molten metal, pass below. It is, altogether, quite an intense experience.

And off into the distance they go.

- Jason Unoriginal