Friday, February 13, 2015

An Aussie (Freezes) In Cleveland

"Aussie freezes to death in Cleveland, Ohio, as record-breaking lows set in..."

Last week I had the pleasure of showing my friend Shana, who was visiting from Melbourne, Australia, a bit of what Cleveland has to offer.

The afternoon started off with a delicious trip to Sweet Moses (dessert first, duh) before we made our way over to Dike 14, the Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve. The snow covering the ground was at least a foot and a half deep, and only a portion of the trails had seen any signs of recent life. It was an absolute escape from the city.

After attempting some photos whilst walking backwards and nearly tripping in the abysmal snow, we joked about the possible disastrous outcomes. Something along the lines of me falling, completely vanishing, with only my extended-arm peeking out of the bottomless field of powder, with camera in hand, safely ascending towards the sky. "Save the camera!"

They say laughter is the best medicine, no?

The night continued with her first trip to Happy Dog, followed by an obligatory bridge climb for a final, unique view of the city skyline. 

The bad news? was a mere 7°F and besides slowly losing all feeling in our hands, my beard grew some of the worst/best "beardcicles" I've ever had. I think she dealt with the cold better than even I did.

Safe travels, Shana, and may you never lose your sense of adventure. Xx

- Jason Unoriginal

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