Friday, February 20, 2015

Cheap Tacos & Spinning Wool

I've always found light painting to be difficult to photograph when with a larger group of people. The main reason being that everyone's shots tend to come out looking similar. Light painting is typically focused on the awe-inspiring end result that develops from some sort of light source being paired with a shutter's long-exposure. There are unfortunately not too many variables that can be applied while still getting a successful shot.

Last week after a brief stop at the always-delicious Lincoln Park Pub for Taco Tuesday, Jake, Jeff, Brandon, and I set out to snap a few pictures in the bitter cold. 

I decided to take on a slightly different approach in order to capture a more "behind-the-scenes" sort of look. 

(The location was decided upon.)
(Jake setting up his shot.)

 (Jeff going to work. Brandon visible in the background, trackside.)

You can see how Brandon's shot turned out here. Happy shooting, and stay warm.

- Jason Unoriginal


  1. I know I'm a vegetarian and all (and shame on me) but what are your favorite type of tacos?
    Wayyy back in the day, my favorites were de pastor. I'm not sure how you say it in English. That was my biggest killer for the first two weeks of vegetarianism. Hahahah
    And the photos came out amazing! The tracks definitely add a nice touch.

    Vegetarian Courtesy

    1. No reason to be ashamed of that at all! I really don't judge when it comes to tacos lolol. Typically something with chicken, but beef, or even just bean works fine for me! Honestly my favorite one of that night was their "special" for the night, which was a falafel taco, with lettuce, a tahini sauce, and something else. UNREAL. (Sorry for the delayed reply, by the way.)