Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Two-Wheel Tuesday: 2


After spending some time detached from my bicycle to take my annual eight-day trip to Florida, my first week back at riding was quite a wintry one. Temperatures plummeted, and I found myself riding through single-digit conditions more often than not.

On Saturday evening, I looked over the city from my window and noticed that the sun had appeared from behind the clouds just in time for it to set. I quickly bundled up and headed down to the lake to catch one of the best sunsets we've seen this winter. Below are the photos I captured:

Huge shout-out to State for making a bicycle that can take the abuse of a true Cleveland Winter.
Rack: Origin 8
Computer: Cateye

So far, the mileage is adding up slowly, but everything counts.

- Jason Unoriginal