Monday, January 5, 2015

Life's a Beach

Returning home from the Florida sunshine and being cast directly into a blizzard, especially one harboring 15-degree temperatures, quickly had me day-dreaming of returning to the beach sooner than later.

As I thought back on my prior travels, I realized how many beaches that I have actually had the pleasure of wandering across.

To date, I have stood on the oceanic beaches of:

Anjuna, India
Antigua, Caribbean
Asbury Park, New Jersey
Arambol, India
Aruba, Caribbean
Barbados, Caribbean
Bonaire, Caribbean
Fripp Island, South Carolina
Grenada, Caribbean
Koh Phangan, Thailand
Nassau, Bahamas
St. John, Caribbean
St. Kitts, Caribbean
St. Lucia, Caribbean
St. Pete, Florida
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Sentosa, Singapore
Turks and Caicos, Bahamas
Virgin Gorda, Caribbean

(Antigua, 2010)

(Asbury Park, 2012)

 (Anjuna, 2014. Cell phone photo at night of two-story, beachfront beds, constructed of bamboo.)

 (Arambol, 2014, w/ children playing soccer. My beach dwelling in rear.)

 (St. John, 2010)

 (Barbados, 2010)

 (Sentosa, 2010. Cell phone photo.)

(Koh Phangan, 2012. Disposable film scan.)

 (Virgin Gorda, 2010, w/ Julie and our father, Richard.)

The real question is, where should I go next!?

What beach absolutely took your breath away? America? Asia? Europe? I would love your help in deciding where my next adventure will take me. Comment below and let's chat!

- Jason Unoriginal


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah? Even the name sounds perfect. Tell me more! =]

  2. Get in on some Fiji action or Camps Bay in Africa

    1. Ah both of those sound spectacular! Do you have photos from either?

    2. Not yet, those are two places I have on my travel list ;)

    3. Oh dang, gotcha! What intrigues you about them?

    4. Im a sucker for 1) mountain side ocean towns 2) clear waters (I am totally scared of going in water I can't see through haha). Croatia would be a great trip too

    5. I'm equally a fan of both! And ah yes! How could I forget about Croatia!? I had an old neighbor that was born there and she would always show me photos of exactly that; her hillside ocean town, and it would just take my breath away. Hmmm.... =]