Sunday, January 25, 2015

The National Acme Co.

This place is huge. 

Even with over one-third of the factory having already been demolished, I still felt like there was plenty to delve into. On the ground floor, industrial rooms stretched out infinitely. We didn't spend much time down here for two reasons:

1.) With the exception of a neat, old security office, there was not much to look at.
2.) Over the last few years, someone has been illegally dumping trash inside of the complex, and I personally didn't care to spend too much time near it. I'm not talking about a few garbage bags leftover from an underage party, I'm talking truck loads.


 The stories overhead produced an eye-catching arched ceiling, floors of wooden fault lines, and a few more personable rooms, filled with office supplies and even a few, old, enormous hard drives.

Shifting pressure on the building has lead to the buckling of these old, wooden-block floors, creating rifts throughout.

As the daylight was coming to an end, we made our way to the roof to catch an impressive sunset.

- Jason Unoriginal

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