Saturday, December 20, 2014

Let's Start From The Bottom

Whether cities are purposely built to have an aesthetic appeal to them, or whether our sense of beauty has simply become accustomed to it, there is a sense of magic in the view of a city's skyline.
All of the roads and bridges that lead towards the epicenter always seem to paint an unforgettable image for me. And thankfully, due to modern camera technology and a little bit of light pollution, these images are typically relatively easy to capture.

What about the arteries that we don't see? What about the veins that help keep the city flowing?

Below the streets of every major metropolitan lie pitch-black webs of tunnels designed to handle the city's waterways. Sometimes for rain water, sometimes to reroute a natural stream, sometimes to carry sewer water, and often a combination of it all.

Take a good look at the brickwork, think about the size of these and the fact that you've probably walked over them before without even knowing, and keep in mind that the only light you see in these photographs was provided by our flashlights.

Check out Jeff's photos, Brandon's Instagram, and be sure to say thank you to Kaylah for always accompanying us with pocket-chocolate.

- Jason Unoriginal

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