Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Let's Get Outta' Here (Part One)

On the brink of an international trip, but with over a week to spare and the need for adventure taking over as always, I had to make a move. 

With the desire to stay out of trouble before flying overseas, I contacted a few individuals from different cities around the Midwest to check on their availabilities, and quickly attempted to organize some type of plan. I don't think this was exactly what I had first had in mind, but it worked out perfectly.

The trip went as follows: 

Cleveland, Dayton, Cincinnati, Dayton, Louisville, Nashville, Dayton, Indianapolis, Columbus, and back again to Cleveland.

Let's begin.

As soon as I had confirmation, I quickly loaded up my car. My good friend Brice was already up in Cleveland for the weekend, so I quickly joined forces with him. After a quick slay-sesh at Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park, him and I were Dayton bound.

We arrived in the Dayton area, grabbed some food (the dude MIGHT eat as much as me!), and wasted no time heading out and about. A little bit of this, and a little bit of that, and the night ended up a-ok!

We awoke early the next morning, and quickly made our way into the Cincinnati area. My long-time friend Shelby teamed up with us for an early-afternoon adventure, leading us to a park containing an old, abandoned railroad trestle. Just our cup of tea!

After the best mac & cheese we've ever had, we parted ways, and Brice and I returned to Dayton for the evening.

The next morning we set out for Louisville, making a brief stop in La Grange, Kentucky on the way. Downtown La Grange is a small town, but unique in the fact that it sees railroad traffic running smack dab down the middle of it's main street. We figured we'd check it out.

We arrived in Louisville closer to sundown and were both exhausted from the fast-paced couple of days that we had already had. My close friend Patty recommended a must-have taco spot, and being Tuesday, it only seemed fitting.

Neither Brice nor I had any solid connections in Louisville for a place to crash, so we began to hunt for a campsite after finishing up our late night snack. I had originally prepared to camp throughout the duration of the trip anyways, so we were more than prepared.

We drove around for a short while looking for a secluded area to set up shop, and settled in the back corner of a parking lot by a marina. Brice was going to sleep in the back of his car, so all I requested was a few trees to hang my hammock between.

I wandered around a bit, but being surrounded by a park and a few sets of condos, I failed to find any suitable trees in a discrete enough area.

It suddenly came to me. This thing. Sitting directly in front of me and desserted, calling my name. Welcome home for the night, Jason.

What a find. Seriously.
There was already a piece of perfectly-sized carpet at the bottom waiting for me. I have no idea who it belonged to, but it wasn't plated, and didn't feel to be leaving anytime soon. Welcome home.

(To be continued...)


  1. That train track running down the middle of the road is blowing my mind. It's making me want to go to Kentucky and see it with my own eyes. I wish I had longer to spend in the US!

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