Sunday, November 8, 2015

For the (Jail) Birds: The Return

Well... sorry about that!

There's something about the warm weather and lasting summer sunlight that makes it oddly difficult for me to sit complacent behind a computer desk. Although I wouldn't look back and describe this summer as overly adventurous, I still never found myself sitting still. I need to be out and about, I need to be surrounded by others, and I constantly need to be discovering something new. So no, I suppose I do not truly apologize for my absence, but I feel like such a delay requires at least some sort of an explanation.

...and in case you're confused, there has been nearly a three-month gap since my last blog.
Shall we continue?


During a recent trip up to Michigan, myself, Erin, and Brandon ended up having a short stay in jail; the last place any explorer would ever want to be found.

...unless the prison is abandoned, of course!

And we're in...

We checked out some of the newer buildings first, which were constructed during the second half of the 20th century. These buildings were used as correctional facilities, housing only women.

We headed back outside and over to one of the original maximum security facilities, in search of the gold mine.

An intimidating entrance way, an interesting idea board, and some original workout equipment, but still not quite what we were looking for:

We made our departure yet again and proceeded into one of the rear yards, in search of another way in.

Bingo, bingo, and more bingo.

I cannot even begin to fathom the stories that are held inside of these walls, and the secrets that have been laid to rest. 

As the sun began to fade quickly, we planned our jailbreak and made our final escape.

Don't look back now...

- Jason Unoriginal


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