Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fripp Island 2015

Every year for Spring Break, one of my closest friends Jon and I take a little vacation down South. But, this isn't your typical Spring Break trip full of bikini-clad babes, booze, and bad decisions. ...well, I guess the "bad decisions" part depends on who you ask.

We drive down to the small, private island known as "Fripp Island" just off the coast near Beaufort, South Carolina. 

The week consists of, to be honest, a whole-lot of nothing. We drink, we relax, we drive golf carts around, we ride bikes, we swim, we cookout, and we spend time with Jon's family, whom we travel down with. It's perfect, to say the least.

I feel like this would make the perfect "My life right now..." meme.

My custom commuter/photographer bag from Forest City Portage fits perfectly on the rear of a kayak, and it's unique front pocket is effortless to open without having to remove the bag. This bag's functionality never ends!

After spending some time on the calm river, we decided to paddle out across the ocean and over to an ex-coast guard island that has been out of service for many years. Jon and I were on the island about four years ago, and it was incredible to see how much more dilapidated the structures had gotten in such a short period of time.

See you next year! Xx

- Jason Unoriginal

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