Thursday, April 30, 2015

This Used To Be Home

I will never understand all of the things that I discover left behind in the places I visit. I will never understand their lack of significance to their once-owners. I will never understand how or why an individual can leave so abruptly, as to seemingly forget their previous surroundings entirely.

A lamp still adorns the corner.

A calendar continues to hang onto May of 2011, while a card from Mother provides sentiment. 

The kitchen cupboards are still ready to prepare a meal.

The living room patiently awaits the nightly news.

Personal-care items provide company to hand-me-down decor.

Movies await their turn in rotation.

Clothes still dance from their trapeze. 

Even the dish soap still begs for it's chance to shine.

But no one is home.

No one ever will be. And maybe, no one ever was...

- Jason Unoriginal


  1. Maybe because stuff doesn't matter and everything is easily replaced.

    1. Probably the best comment I've ever received on a blog post. Thank you for that. xx