Monday, March 16, 2015

On The Roofs

Last week's warmer temperatures finally gave Jake and I an opportunity to thoroughly shoot together, and test out what his new camera is capable of. Over the winter, we made plenty of good attempts, but the freezing air always seemed to cut our adventures short.

With cameras in hand and warmth not being an issue, we decided to take our time and find somewhere new. After a brief game of rooftop-puzzle-pieces, the Euclid Avenue horizon emerged from around a corner. This is what we saw:

(Jake can be seen crouching , left, near the roof's edge.)


Although I spent a ton of time outdoors throughout the winter, it always felt so rushed due to the dangers that cold weather can bring. This rooftop was one of the most relaxing locations I've shot from in months, and I didn't want to leave (you can ask Jake).
Be sure to check out some of his photos from the evening over on his Flickr.

- Jason Unoriginal

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